Dewsbury MP Shahid Malik has said terrorism cannot be defeated by security measures alone and announced a new volunteering scheme to be launched by his Department.

Mr Malik who is the British Minister for International Development was speaking at the Annual Forum of the Alliance of Civilisations in Madrid.

He said: "Extremists take the ideas and beliefs of a peaceful religion and manipulate them to justify appalling acts of violence".

He showed the UK support to the Alliance's focus on education, youth and media, "they are exactly the types of activity the international community needs to support if we are to focus on practical ways to promote our shared values and undermine the rhetoric of those who seek to divide us."

"Governments will play a central role in preventing extremism, but it will need an united effort - from Governments, civil society, the media, the private sector and opinion formers- on a national, international and local level- to ensure that extremism, wherever it is found, is rejected by the communities and individuals that are threatened by it".

"The United Kingdom works closely with civil society groups to increase the platforms for exactly these kind of messages, whether it is radio programmes that talk about issues for women or TV discussion shows about citizenship and identity.

"Empowering groups who may otherwise be vulnerable or disadvantaged - women, young people and others - will be key to achieving tolerance, respect and mutual understanding across communities", Mr Malik said.

As Minister for International Development, Mr Malik announced a new volunteering scheme to be launched by his Department, which will enable young people to get personally involved in international development activities and to share their experiences with their peers when they get back.

"We anticipate that this scheme will help build greater levels of understanding about other cultures and a commitment by young people to continue working to improve the lives of the poor".