AMIR Khan has reflected on a roller-coaster month after being kicked off one flight but hailed as a hero on another.

It’s been a whirlwind month going back and forth with flights for the former world champion after getting kicked off an American Airlines  flight.

But the Bolton boxer says he has also been seen as a hero on a United Airlines flight.

Posting to Twitter, Amir said he had helped an elderly man who could not speak English and who needed to get medical help.

He wrote: “What a month it’s been. Escorted off and mistreated on @AmericanAir flight but seen as a hero on @UnitedAirlines when helping an old Pakistani passenger who couldn’t speak English and had to be grounded immediately, due to health reasons.

“Ban from one flight and awarded on the other.”

Earlier this month, Amir was embroiled in a war of words with American Airlines on a flight from New York to Colorado for his training camp.


The boxer claimed he had been escorted off after a colleague he was with was not wearing a facemask properly and were subsequently met by police at the gate, but the airline refuted this.

American Airlines then issued a statement saying that police were not involved in the matter, but Amir stuck to his claim.

Since then, Amir has spoken out about being racially profiled on the flight, being backed by Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who also said he had similar experiences going to America.

Amir is currently in Dubai getting ready for his Crypto Fight Night, a boxing tournament featuring white-collar bouts and an auction in aid of the boxer's foundation.