A PHARMACY student is finding success in making floral jewellery using flowers she picks herself.

Saudah Desai, from Blackburn, started her handmade jewellery Instagram business Amour de Fleur in the first lockdown when she was bored.

The 20-year-old pharmacy student plants her own flowers and picks them from sides of the road when she sees them, presses them and then uses resin to create beautiful necklaces, keyrings, coasters and bookmarks.

She said: “I was researching gifts for Eid and came across these really pretty necklaces and I ended up looking it up on YouTube how to make them myself.

“I thought I could do this as a business. I am normally quite creative and when I started giving them to family and friends, they said I should pursue it.

“I am still studying pharmacy and try to balance working on both things”

Saudah picks flowers then presses them using a flower presser.

After this, she pours resin into moulds and leaves it for 24 hours to harden.

She said: “I just love how unique it is because each flower presses differently so what I create is one of a kind and is sentimental for the customers.

“I started off using books to press the flowers but then bought a flower presser.

“The resin is the part that requires a lot of patience and if you are not 100 per cent careful then it will go wrong, so it takes a while to get perfect.”

The pieces are simple and sophisticated, and this reflects how Saudah likes them, although she is able to customise them for whatever a customer may like.

She said: “My favourite piece is one using a pink flower and I had to create one for myself as well because I found it so pretty.

“I usually worked with cream colours, so it was a change at the time.

“One of the popular pieces is a necklace with a blue flower, and so if I see it, I have to pick it.”

To see her jewellery, visit her Instagram page @_amourdefleur_