A BOLTON teenager has created a Palestine flag from scratch - which she intends to send to a charity worker in Gaza, covered in messages of support.

Alisha Zahid, 19, a student at the University of Central Lancashire, took part in the recent town centre protest in solidarity with Palestinian people.

The protest came following a fresh wave of attacks from both Israel and Gaza, with each side inflicting civilian casualties.

Earlier in May, hundreds gathered in Bolton as part of a series of protests across the country.

And Alisha was able to get dozens to sign her flag with messages of support for those in the region suffering from the conflict.

The flag is specifically aimed at a woman named Alia Shaheen, who has been aiding people with food parcels and other essentials.

Alisha said: “Ideally she would have spoken live at the protest, but there was a fault with the mic system.

“She really wanted to speak but as the crowd was very active and loud, it was difficult without the audio system. She did send me a voice note though on behalf of all Palestinians to the Bolton community.

“We put the flag on the town hall steps for people to sign and we have started to prepare to send it over. We are hopefully going to get someone to go over with it so we can make sure that she actually gets it.”

Alisha said that she had hoped to send it via parcel, but the situation meant that the postal situation in the area had declined.

Alisha also recently sent money to Interpal - a British charity founded that attempts to alleviate problems faced by Palestinians.

The £280 cash sum was gathered by Alisha from people around Bolton.

She added: “We have done quite a few things over the last month - the flag, the money raising. And we recently let off some balloons too in solidarity. The response from people has been really good and I am glad we have been able to do what we have done.”