A story detailing how five friends published their own newspaper in nineties Lancashire was the focus of an online monthly book club review.

Based on true events the book, ‘Five Guys Named Zaika’  is written by journalist Shuiab Khan the story begins on Christmas Eve 1997 and details the first few turbulent weeks as the inexperienced bunch plan to launch the first edition of the Asian Image from their ‘headquarters’ in a toll roll factory.

Along the way they met some of Blackburn's most outspoken residents and soon realise they have bitten off more they can chew.

The review was featured on The MEDtalkx Podcast Channel with author Shuiab discussing the book with Faheem Shakur, Sannah Khan and Zuber Patel.

MEDtalkx was established by two doctors and the hosts and speaks to a range of people on various issues.

Shuiab said: "It was great to discuss aspects of the book and how it resonated with people.

"Thank you to the hosts and guests from MEDtalks for having me on."

You find out more about the book here