A group of Manchester United fans displayed the Palestine flag at the Europa Cup final.

Despite the disappointing result the friends said it was an experience they would never forget.

The final was originally scheduled to be played in Seville, Spain, however, due to the postponement and relocation of the 2020 final to Cologne, the final hosts were shifted back a year, with Gdańsk instead hosting the 2021 final.

Before the game began the fans were pictured displaying the Palestinian flag in the stadium. Earlier this month Paul Pogba and Diallo displayed the flag after United’s 1-1 draw with Fulham at Old Trafford.

Arbaz Patel, 22 said stringent tests and restrictions were in place throughout their trip and this was the first time they had left the country to go anywhere since lockdown began.

He said: “There were five of us from Blackburn and several more from Preston. It as not that expensive mainly due to the pandemic.

“It was £70 for the ticket to the game, £170 for the flights and then £200 for the PCR tests.

“In the stadium they had completely separated the supporters and there were two to three people per rows of ten.”

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The fans set off at 3am from Blackburn on the day of the match arriving in Poland for 10am.

Arbaz, a season ticket-holder for ten years said: “It was good to see other supporters and attending a football match for a change.”

The game which went to penalties was a big disappointment though, “It is bad to lose any match but to go through all that then miss the eleventh penalty of a really long penalty shoot-out is depressing.

"After we missed that penalty I just switched off my phone and didn’t look at it again until the next day with so many people texting me.

“Despite everything and the result we enjoyed the visit.”