An inspirational 9-year-old girl has completed a 40km charity walk to raise £15,550 for street children in Bangladesh.

Hannah Miah of Oldham wanted to helped street children during Ramadan and set herself a target of £1,000. But her inspiring words and but thanks to overwhelming community support, she smashed her goal and has raised over £14,000 for the cause.

She said she wanted to raise awareness of the daily struggles that the children are facing.

According to the UN, there are an estimated 600,000 street children in Bangladesh. Often they are abandoned or trafficked into the most unspeakable of situations and face the dangers and perils of street life.

Children in most cases are running away from violence or abuse and end in up in Dhaka at several entry points such as the ferry terminal, bus terminal, and central train stations.”

Hannah's older sister, Amana, aged 12 has made £610 profit selling sweets and donated 100% of the money to the Muslim Charity.

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Hannah's dad, Jewel Miah, said: "The support from everyone in the community has been unbelievable and has brought everyone together.

"Hannah's School, Lyndhurst Primary, have also been supportive and are proud of her achievements."

Members from her local football club, Red Star Bengal FC, her family, and friends from different towns joined in Hannah's challenge, walking, running, or cycling over 1500km before the start of Ramadan.

Jewel said: "The response and support from the whole community, including councillors and her school, has made me feel extremely proud.

"Hannah has inspired many children, young people, and parents to get involved in community and charity work. She is passionate and genuinely cares about the Street Children and wanted to do something to help them."

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Hannah achieved her £1,000 target within two days, so everyone encouraged her to keep the campaign going.

The next target was to raise £10,000 before the end of Ramadan on May 13, but she achieved this by Friday, April 30.