Dunya News UK’s Shakil Salam has been honoured for his work reporting on communities during the Pandemic.

One of the hardest working professionals in journalism Shakil works tirelessly to report on local and regional issues sometimes broadcasting several Urdu and English segments in a day to audiences worldwide.

He then spends his spare time supporting Pendle Radio Awaz 103.1FM with his Health Show.

During his Mayoral year Lord Wajid Khan created the Mayor's Medal Award to acknowledge and thank unsung heroes with nominations being sent in from community members and local residents.

'I’m A Celebrity' star Jordan North and actress Ameena Rana Khan were also among those presented with awards as well as Dr Yasara Naheed who was acknowledged for  the 'great work done by the Primary Care Services during COVID-19'.Asian Image:

Shakil said: "I am delighted to receive a Mayor's Medal for my work during pandemic to provide information and reporting.

“Both Dunya News UK and Pendle Community Radio have been providing update in community languages to inform local community about Covid19, lockdown rules and vaccinations.

“This has been a great resource for community to understand and follow the guidelines to protect themselves and community. “This award is for everyone who helped and supported me during this unprecedented time and helped me to raise awareness of important issues in community.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lord Wajid Khan for this honour."

Lord Wajid Khan said: "I would like to congratulate Shakil Salam on being a winner of Mayor's Award.

“During this very difficult time I felt it was important to acknowledge and thank unsung heroes in our community.

“The generous contribution of time, energy and support is incredible and community really appreciate the work carried out by Shakil Salam on Dunya News UK and popular Health Show on Pendle Radio."

Presenting the Medal to Shakil Salam Lord Wajid Khan said: "I am glad to have this opportunity to acknowledge your incredible community information service.

“I am sure that everyone who work with you and who knows you must be extremely proud of you for what you have done throughout this difficult time. Thank you for helping our community."

Head of International News Operation for Dunya News UK, Mr Azhar Javaid said: "I am delighted that our Lancashire based correspondence Shakil Salam has been recognised for his local news coverage.

“We aim to inform our community on current affair and during pandemic it became more important to inform our community about ever-changing situation of Coronavirus which has huge impact on Pakistani community.”