A rally for Palestine will be held in Preston to highlight the bombing of Gaza.

Ismail Timol, one of the organisers from the campaigning group Children of the Ghetto said: "What is currently happening in Gaza is nothing short of a genocide, where innocent women and children are being massacred.

"The attacks on worshippers at Masjid Al Aqsa, Jerusalem in the last few days of the Holy month of Ramadan was totally unacceptable.

"The forced evictions of Palestinians in the Sheikh Jarrah district of East Jerusalem is tantamount to ethnic cleansing.

"All of the above actions by Israel needs to be condemned in the strongest of terms.”

Ismail added, ""The aim of the rally and march is to raise awareness of the Palestinian cause. We hope that people all over Lancashire can join us in solidarity with the people of Palestine."

Former Preston City Council, Michael Lavalette said: "There have been demonstrations up and down the country for Palestine.  The actions of the Israeli forces require condemnation at the highest level.

"I am hoping that the people of Preston and Lancashire come out in their numbers this Saturday to show their solidarity for the Palestinians.  I look forward to meeting my friends and comrades at the demonstration.”

Organiser, Mukhtar Master said: "We are advising people to gather at Preston Flag Market from 2PM.  The march will start promptly at 2:30PM.  Bring your own placards, banners and flags for what will be a big peaceful demonstration and rally."

Naima Adam, organiser and local resident advised: "We’ve come together to stand in solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza, West Bank and Jerusalem. We want the world to know that we cannot just stay silent when Israel continues to oppress an entire people through various means of aggression. 

"We are holding this protest and rally in the hope that we can amplify the issue to those who may not be aware and also stands as a message to those who hold power that we are watching and we are holding them to account."

Fatima Ahmed, a local resident said, ""It’s really important that as a city we come together and show our support for all those suffering in Palestine.

"The demonstrations are also in place to help educate those that are unaware of the atrocities that many innocent men, women and children have been facing over several decades and this needs to stop.

"I hope to see a large number of people from the Preston community at the rally this weekend."

The rally and march will be held on Saturday May 22 from 2pm.