After running 313 km for charity in the month of Ramadan and raising more than £110,000 for Global Relief Trust, the running man from Oldham is back.

This time, Afruz Miah, 47, will be running in aid of Palestine and wants donors and supporters to join him on a 4km run in Alexandra Park, Oldham on 23 May.

The serial runner managed the gruelling run from Oldham to London during Ramadan while fasting.

He said: “Initially it was a struggle because I was running through unknown territory and terrain I have never experienced before such as the Peak District where the elevation was tough.

“It was particularly difficult being away from my wife and children, especially as it was Ramadan. This was the first time I have been away from my family in Ramadan in 23 years of marriage.

“I managed to cope with the thought of those who are living in poverty and don’t have as much as we do.

“Throughout the run I was treated like royalty, the support was amazing from people I have never met before, especially in Luton. I was invited to stay at a £3 million mansion with a swimming pool and Jacuzzi.

Many local councillors and community leaders will be joining him on the run in the park. They are from various backgrounds, Muslim and non-Muslim and those of no faith too. The attendees will include the ex-Councillor and Mayor of Stockport, Laura Booth and Councillor Nazrul Islam from Oldham and others.

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Gaza is being bombarded by Israel with nearly 200 killed including 58 children and 34 women and over 1200 injured. Israel has reported 10 dead including two children.

The aim of the fundraising event is to raise a minimum of £16,000 to purchase two ambulances for the Gaza emergency services.

Afruz added: “I am supporting Gaza as a humanitarian, Palestinian people are being oppressed and innocent civilians, particularly children are being killed.

 “We have to make a stand peacefully and raise awareness about what is happening so please raise this issue with your MPs. The run won’t just happen in Oldham but we will be joined by people running in Luton, Hyde, Leicester and even north Wales.

Laura Booth, ex-Mayor of Stockport said: “All communities need to work together to raise awareness of the Palestine issue. People from different cultures and backgrounds should collaborate and brainstorm ideas.

“The media doesn’t always report the full picture about the disparity between Israel and Palestine. You don’t have to be Muslim to support Palestine, you need to be human.”

Israel has the most powerful military in the Middle East as compared to the Palestinians who do not even have an airport let alone an army. The conflict is not an equal one – one side is the occupier and one side is occupied.

Israel has fighter jets, nuclear weapons and unmanned drones at its disposal but Palestinian fighters have home-made rockets but no tanks, no army and no navy. In any conflict civilians should never be targeted.