The Lotus Trust, the welfare arm of Bhaktivedanta Manor in Hertfordshire has raised a staggering £140,000 to help Covid victims in India.

India is experiencing an enormous spike in COVID 19 cases and deaths. The country has set an unwelcome world record for new coronavirus infections, with 349,691 more cases in the last 24 hours. Patients are dying without oxygen amid Delhi surge with 1 death every 5 minutes.

The money raised by Lotus Trust, in a matter of a few weeks has allowed a university premise to be converted into a COVID nursing care center with an initial capacity of 250 beds, with a potential to increase to 1,000 beds, and provide the Covid care facilities free to all who may need it. 

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This will provide care for roughly 2,500-5,000 patients over an initial 3-month period.

The charity has also been able to assist in the distribution of free meals to the individuals and families that are not able to cook or afford food due to the current circumstances. 

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They are targeting to distribute roughly 2.7m meals over the 3 month period. 

Dr Sanjiv Agarwal a consultant Urologist at Imperial College and Director of the Lotus Trust said:  “To achieve this enormous help at this scale and sustain the care for 3 months, will cost £1.85m. With donations so far received, they have already started treating patients in hundreds of beds and the daily cooking and distribution of 30,000 meals."

The £140,000 was collected through the congregation and friends of Bhaktivedanta Manor.

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Dr Sanjiv Agarwal

Dr Agarwal added:  “The Lotus Trust is constantly ensuring that 100% of the donations are making a difference and I am constantly in touch with those providing this service to make sure that it reaching those who need it most.”

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