A gang broke into the house of YouTuber Mufti Abu Layth believing he had posted anti-Palestine content.

Mufti Abu Layth - a Muslim Theologian - said his home was terrorised as the group burst in shouting ‘Where is the **** is Abu Layth’.

The videos were shared on WhatsApp and appear to show the group driving past and noticing a police car. In another video they smash the front windows and then burst through the home.

The group is seems had become incensed over a fake video title attributed to Abu Layth ‘Give Palestine and Al Aqsa to the Jews’.

He said: “There is a video titled ‘give al-Aqsa to the Jews’ being circulated as a cut out from my Monday night’s with Mufti. That title and video are being condemned

“This is NOT a video uploaded by me but by my haters in an absurd attempt to defame me.

“They have cut out bits and given the clip a provocative title.

“The video cut out if from Episode 179 and people can go and watch the whole context and segment there on YouTube.”

He goes on to share the videos of the gang breaking into his house.

In a message Mufti Abu Layth said: "Thugs Breaking into my home Yelling free Palestine I've always been pro Palestine but spoke of realistic solutions of 2 state or Hijra. This is a consequence of all those hate mongering against me. Mixing my words. Cut & Pasting. Disgusting. May Allah take you all to task."

He added: “These thugs recorded themselves and circulated it on WhatsApp groups. “The police now this videos and are treating the matter with urgency. If anybody has any info on the identity of these people or recognises their voices please forward it to me or get in touch with the police."