A school says it temporarily suspended a boy shouting 'Free Palestine' at another member of the school ‘due to their ethnicity’.

The incident happened at Parrs Wood High School Manchester last week and a letter from the school was posted on social media.

The letter was also shared on various WhatsApp groups.

The letter sent to the parent read: "I am writing to inform you of my decision to exclude [redacted] for a fixed period of half a day.

"This means that [redacted] is not allowed in school for this period.

"The exclusion is effective on the afternoon of Wednesday, 12th May 2021.

"I realise this exclusion may well be upsetting for you and your family, but the decision to exclude [redacted] has not been taken lightly.

"[Redacted] has been excluded for racial abuse, during his technology lesson he shouted 'free Palestine'."

In a response shared online Parrs Wood High School said it was proud to have students from a wide range of background.

“You may have seen comments on social media pertaining to a student exclusion last week. The school would like to clarify some key points.

“The school did not and would not issue a fixed term exclusion for stating ‘Free Palestine’.

“The school did issue a half day Fixed Term Exclusion where the phrase ‘Free Palestine’ was directed at a member of our school based on their ethnicity.

“The is concerned about the growing humanitarian crisis in the Middle East (the Gaza Strip, Israel and the West Bank) and will be working hard to support all of our students who are affected by this.”

Parrs Wood High School was contacted directly for comment on Sunday May 16 and Monday May 17.