The ‘running man’ from Oldham has reached Leicester in his mammoth fundraising challenge from Oldham to London.

Afruz Miah, 47, has run 161km from Oldham and reached Leicester. The aim is to get to Northampton by Monday. He has been running on average 15km a day during daylight hours while fasting.

He said: “I wasn’t sure what I was letting myself in for but it’s looking good so far thanks to God.”

For someone who was warned of an impending heart attack by his doctor only a year ago to run such a huge distance is unprecedented.

Afruz added: “I was a qualified teacher and kind of accidentally became the running man”

To keep his energy levels up during the run he has had to change his diet. He has to eat food such as oat, honey and dates and plenty of water. He also needs to eat food rich in carbohydrates such as fish, rice and pasta.

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After leaving Leicester he will run through Northampton with the aim of reaching London for May 8 just before the end of Ramadan.

The super fundraiser continued: “Today has been day 10 of 20, we have come through different parts of the country, including Hyde and Buxton, a lot of people have donated to the cause from many different communities. Today we had a donation from an elderly white member of the community in Leicester.

“She gave me £2.50 to send to the poor and needy in Yemen after I told her about the humanitarian catastrophe there. She said we don’t hear about this in the media and I wish I had more to give.

“We also had a massive donation of £12000 from a local businessman who wanted to remain anonymous. We also received numerous donations of £5000 from different towns and cities.

“We have been offered food by hospitable people to break our fast in their homes. All the different types of food we’ve been offered is amazing. The generosity of people I never met before has been phenomenal.

“People think the campaign is amazing and a worthy cause, I tell them that I am only running and have a hotel to stay in with shower facilities and warm food but the poor and needy have no such facilities or even access to clean water.

“I have had interviews with radio stations and the press such as BBC Lancashire, BBC Northampton and BBC Leicester.

“The support has been incredible, altogether we have managed to raise £50,000 so far. We are on track to reach our target of £100,000. I want to help put Oldham on the map for positive reasons.

“I fundraise for GRT (Global Relief Trust) a fast growing charity which works in eight countries including Yemen and Bangladesh.”

Atiqur Rahman, head of development at GRT said: “With 161km covered, the running man is just nine days away from completing the unprecedented 313 km from Oldham to London while fasting, a feat never done before.”

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