A family quarantining in a London hotel say they were served bacon for breakfast and then no meals to open their fast on consecutive days.

All three family members from High Wycombe which includes a 68-year-old with diabetes were served bacon for breakfast on the first day after they arrived. Then for two days they say, despite telling the hotel they were Muslim and would be observing Ramadan no meals were served at both sunset or sunrise.

“When we complain nothing happens,” said a 34-year-old guest, named Saliah who is staying at the Holiday Inn Heathrow Bath Road, London.

From 4am on Friday April 9, international visitors who departed from or transited through the Philippines, Pakistan, Kenya and Bangladesh must quarantine in a government approved hotel for 10 days. Anyone arriving after that date must stay in a designated hotel. From this weekend travellers from India will also have to quarantine.

The family began their stay on Saturday April 17 after arriving from Pakistan and will have to pay £4100 for the two rooms.

Saliah said she was staying at the hotel with her mum who is also diabetic and grandma, “On the first morning we got bacon for breakfast and when we complained they came back with some breads at midday.

“We told them when we checked in that we were Muslim and wanted halal food. Then for the next two days we got no meals for sehri (sunrise meal) or for opening our fast in the evening.

“I have had to march down to reception to complain but nothing happens. I do not think they were prepared for Ramadan or have any halal menu.”

Saliah said on Thursday April 22 she ordered fish fingers to open their fast and instead got Chicken Goujons. A halal certificate shown to guests shows only fresh chicken is halal. The hotel chain would not confirm whether the Chicken Goujons were halal as they couldn’t ‘comment on individual bookings due to guest confidentiality’.

Saliah said: “I don’t even know if this food is halal and they were serving it to me to open my fast.”

In videos sent to us the Saliah can be heard politely talking to staff members. In it she explains the problems and wrong food orders and asks to speak to someone in charge.

In another video she can be heard asking to make an official complaint and trying to explain food orders to staff. She says: “We ordered the vegetarian options and we got a beef lasagne. I didn’t make an issue of it.”

She adds: “I said can we get a plain cheese sandwich but they said ‘no’. And this is a 4 star hotel? Surely a cheese sandwich?.”

Speaking to us Saliah said: “I have no idea what I will be getting each night. The service here is not even sub-standard it is of no standard.

“I have tried to stay calm throughout. Nobody has any idea what is going on.

“My brother has been delivering food from Ilford which he should not have to during the month of Ramadan."

A relative, Miriam who is staying in an adjoining hotel said: “To serve bacon to a Muslim once they have been told they only require halal or vegetarian food is an insult.

“From what my niece says this is just not a one-off mistake. They are constantly making error after error.

“I do not think the Holiday Inn Heathrow Bath Road was prepared for Ramadan or for dealing with people’s food requests at all. I am just hearing these horror stories “I can’t fault where I am staying ion comparison and the staff and service at my hotel have been really good."

The hotel said they were unable to share any comment as the approach to quarantine and hotel selection is a matter for the DHSC (Department of Health and Social Care) and also would not comment on individual bookings due to guest confidentiality.

Despite a request to confirm if the Chicken Goujons served to guests, Holiday Inn again said couldn’t ‘comment on individual bookings due to guest confidentiality’.

The 'Managed Quarantine Hotel Package' – includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch, evening meal and hot and cold drinks, two Covid tests and transfer from the port of arrival to and from the hotel at the end of your quarantine. Hotel stays for the period cost £1,750 and are paid for by the traveller, and they are provided three meals a day.