A Hindu society organised a special event to pay their respects to his Royal Highness Prince Philip who died aged 99.

A limited people were invited to the Gujarat Hindu Society in Preston for the 'Shanti Prathna' which was also broadcast online for members not able to attend.

The president of Gujarat Hindu Society Dashrathbhai Nayee said: "It is a sad day for the nation to lose a leader who was married to Her Majesty the Queen for 73 years and has been her escort in the Royal duties for all that time."

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Dashrathbhai Nayee added: "He was an ambassador for young people through the establishment of Duke of Edinburgh Award.

"This award over a period of 50 years has helped so many young people build their confidence and self-development around the world. He has also been a loyal support to her Majesty the Queen and his children.

"We pray to Lord Krishna to rest his soul in peace and give strength to Her Majesty the Queen and members of Royal family to overcome the loss of their loved one."