AN ‘INSPIRATIONAL’ young Carlisle woman whose life was blighted by ‘hidden disability’ is to achieve some her key lifetime goals ­— despite her untimely death.

Twenty-year-old Saarah Ahmed ­— last year made a finalist in the Miss Universe Great Britain contest ­— was an A-star student who aimed to study at university and become a neuro scientist so she could research disabilities such as Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome (EDS), the connective tissue disorder that blighted her life.

Her death last week robbed her of that opportunity.

When she died, she was on the brink of gaining good A-levels in psychology and sociology as well as a GCSE in maths after home tuition with Eden Education, which provides education for youngsters with disabilities such as EDS, dyslexia and autism.

The firm’s director, Katrina Hewgill, said the exam board involved has agreed Saarah will be awarded her qualifications posthumously. There are also plans for a fundraiser to support Saarah’s aim of highlighting hidden disabilities.

“She was sunshine ­— an inspirational person, who was bright and very beautiful and a diligent worker who believed in education for herself and others,” said Mrs Hewgill. “She would have achieved her goals.

“I was heavily involved in setting up Saarah’s home schooling, needed because of her hidden disability. She couldn’t move out of her bedroom, but she was so inspirational.

“I promised Saarah I’d help her achieve her qualifications, but sadly she passed away before it was possible. I have also promised to help share Saarah’s message about hidden disabilities. There are so many children and young people out there who are suffering because of hidden disability.

“It’s a daily struggle for them.

“I want to keep Saarah’s memory alive by within Eden Education ­— and the community. We’re planning a fundraiser raising awareness of hidden disabilities, which will have a section about the disability Saarah suffered, honouring her memory and telling her story.”

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