A SCHOOLGIRL has penned a passionate speech about her brother for Autism Awareness Month.

Sara Esat, eight, from Wensley Fold CE Primary Academy in Blackburn, moved everybody with her words, drawing on her relationship with her brother Adam Esat, 13.

The year 4 pupil at the Manor Road school brought teachers to tears with speech about Adam which is part of a project the the class have been working on, the Ignite Project.

In her speech, Sara said: “Today I’m going to talk about the person who I admire the most - my fantastic amazing brother.

“My brother Adam who loves playing the PS4. My brother Adam who loves watching YouTube. My brother Adam who is autistic.

“What is autism? Well very simply autism is when the brain is wired up differently to mine or yours.

“This means that people who are autistic have trouble understanding the world around them.

“Facial expression, touch and language are difficult areas for them.

“There’s lots of things that Adam finds hard. He doesn’t like noisy places, he doesn’t like crowds, he hates hugs.

“The food on his plate cannot touch the rest of the foods on his plate and he absolutely hates food that has a strong smell so when I want to eat my smelly cheese and onion crisps I make sure I let him know,” she added.

“Not all autistic people are like Adam and Adam isn’t like any other autistic person.

“There are lots of things that make Adam different but different doesn’t mean weird it just means amazing and Adam is amazing.

“He always wants to help, he is kind and caring and makes time for me when everyone is busy.

“April is Autism Awareness Month. Maybe after you hear me speak today you may want to learn more about autism.”

Head teacher Donna Simpson said: “The school is passionate about children finding their voice and it is crucial that children develop vocabulary and oracy skills in order to have the best life chances, arming them with the crucial skills to be effective speakers and listeners.”