A 10-year-old will be making a video diary throughout Ramadan to raise funds for Human Appeal’s projects.

Zaavier Khan and mum Tahreem will be producing a diary of his first Ramadan, which will involve Zaavier going to make iftar meals with top chefs and family members, as well as talking about the ups and downs of Ramadan as he experiences it for the first time.

Zaavier said: “I really wanted to show that Ramadan was all about giving back to your community, so for my first time fasting I’ll be raising money for Human Appeal’s UK food parcels.

“I am choosing to fast, but so many people just don’t have anything to eat. I think it’s important to make sure they have food to eat and I want to raise awareness of what Ramadan is about and what Human Appeal is doing.”

Human Appeal is a humanitarian relief charity, established in a flat in Manchester in 1991 and now active in 25 countries.