A Preston company has unveiled new Quran Air Pods in time for Ramadan.

The device includes a recently added version of the Quran and comes with full English translation.

Mubarak Nomani of itoddle.com said: “I would listen to the Quran on my phone but that came with many distractions.

“I just couldn’t concentrate because of the phone calls and text messages. 

“The aim of the Quran Air Pods is to make a product available which is specifically dedicated to listening to the Quran without any disturbance.”

Mubarak added: “We are also in the process of creating Hifz mode for those students who are in the process of memorising the Quran. It will be a page by page Quran which allows the students to listen, revise and help memories. 

“The product is a multi-use product can also be used with smartphones and many Bluetooth accessories such as speakers.”

Itoddle.com has in recent years aimed to supply a range of novelty items for Muslim households such as prayer mat storage boxes.

To view the Quran Air Pods click here