A 9-year-old who is hoping to walk 20km before the month of Ramadan has already raised £6,000 for charity.

After watching a charity’s video on street children, Hannah Miah felt she was able to appreciate how fortunate she is having a family and home. As a result, she wanted to do something for the street children for the Muslim Charity.

Her father Jewel Miah from Red Star Bengal FC will also run 200km in order to support the cause. Hannah of Oldham was also joined on her walks by Abdul Basit who is recovering after suffering a debilitating stroke in 2017.

Jewel said: “Hannah is hoping with her efforts she can raise donations to rescue as many children as possible from the streets but most importantly raising awareness of the daily struggles and hardship the children are facing on the streets. 

“According to the UN, there are an estimated 600,000 street children in Bangladesh. 

“Often they are abandoned or trafficked into the most unspeakable of situations and face the dangers and perils of street life. Children in most cases are running away from violence or abuse and end in up in Dhaka at several entry points such as the ferry terminal, bus terminal, and central train stations.”

Asian Image:

Jewel with daughter Hanna

Children are often used in syndicated begging gangs or used as drug mules.

The drug of ‘choice’ amongst street children is called Dandy which is made up of shoe polish and glue or a cocktail of pain killers and sleeping pills. Children very quickly become dependent on these drugs as a way of escape and end up selling drugs to other children to support their own addiction.

Muslim Charity has been serving humanity for over 21 years and has been rescuing street children for over 6 years; so far they have saved over 10,000 children and reunited 100s of lost children with families.

Outreach workers are engaging with the street children at different entry points such as the ferry terminal, bus terminal, and central train stations  Once rescued after being registered at the local police station they are taken to our transitional shelter where the healing process begins.

You can support Hannah’s efforts by clicking here 

If you have any questions regarding this project/charity or want to get involved you can contact Moheen on 07999471176 or moheen@muslimcharity.org.uk