More than 130 religious leaders and scholars have written an open letter to the Prime Minister calling for his condemnation at the showing of blasphemous images of Prophet Muhammad (s) to children at a Grammar School in Batley.

The letter to Boris Johnson was organised by the Muslim Action Forum which is an assembly of major Muslim organisations in the UK.

Last week a 29-year-old RE teacher showed highly offensive images of Prophet Muhammad (s) to students at the school of which 70 percent are Muslims. 

So far three teachers have been suspended due to the incident which resulted in two days of angry protest and an official apology from the school’s management.

The letter states: “We the undersigned British Muslim citizens and scholars are writing to express our unequivocal condemnation of the depiction of the caricature of our holy Prophet Muhammad (s). 

“The hallmark of any civilised society cannot be the freedom to abuse and provoke certain members of society.

“Why is it then that hatred against Muslims and Islamophobia is so widely defended and accepted?

“Depicting the caricatures of the Holy Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him will inevitably offend and provoke the feelings of 1.6 billion Muslims on this planet.

“There are some who stand in solidarity with the teacher, guided by their blind hatred of the Muslim community in our country.

“We welcome the actions of the governors of the Batley Grammar School to suspend not only the teacher in question but also the other co-conspirators, who designed this attack on our civilised society. 

“We invite you as Prime Minister, the political head of our country and as our fellow British citizen, to stand with British Muslims in the condemnation of such divisive actions.”

The letter was co-signed by Islamic scholars and teachers from all over the country, led by Shaykh Faiz Siddiqi of Muslim Action Forum. 

The letter can be viewed here