A MAN, who feared for his life when battling Coronavirus last year, is now prospering with a newborn child on the way.

Clayton's Faiz Ilyas was one of the first to be put on Bradford Royal Infirmary's intensive care unit after suffering with the deadly virus last March.

Symptoms of a high temperature and hallucinations led to an ambulance collecting him from his home and rushing to the hospital.

Despite never being on a ventilator, tubes, wires, and an oxygen mask were all used in a traumatic five days on the ICU until he was sent back to a ward before being released.

Speaking 12 months on, Mr Ilyas said: "It was very scary at the time.

"When I was in ICU, I came to terms with my death. At that time, I though yeah, I am going to die now.

"It was quite a daunting experience because it was right at the beginning. When I got poorly, we still hadn’t properly entered a national lockdown.

“I am tip-top now. Three-four weeks after I was released, I felt like I had added 50 years onto my life. I was struggling to even get a shower or do the vacuuming in the room.

“As I kept pushing myself, it got to the point when I could finally go out and have a kickabout with my brother.”

The 25-year-old has been exercising more and eating healthier after being given a ‘second chance’ at life.

“I was always family oriented but now I try even more to put them first,” Mr Ilyas insisted.

“I recognise the value of time a lot more now. I try to make the most of every opportunity I have got.

“A year on, my wife is pregnant. I am looking forward to spending time with my daughter in a few months’ time. I have got so much in life to live for.”