A NINE-year-old girl from Bradford has become the voice behind one of the loveable characters of a new children’s TV show.

Following auditions Isha Kaur was thrilled to win a key role in Pip and Posy, a new animated pre-school series on Channel 5's popular Milkshake!

Focusing on Pip, a rabbit, and his friend Posy, a mouse, the stories are inspired by the popular Pip and Posy books by award-winning illustrator Axel Scheffler.

They tell takes of how the pair love to play together and with their three good friends Frankie the cat, Jamila the squirrel and Zak the terrier pup. They play in settings such as their home, the park, the sandpit and in the snow.

The series comes from multiple Oscar-nominated Magic Light Pictures, co-commissioned by Vitacom CBS and Sky Kids.

Isha, who lives in Idle and has attended Articulate Drama School in Baildon since she was three years old, is the voice of Frankie.

“We had some of these books at home already so that made the audition even more exciting," she said. “I had to send a voice recording in to start with, then I had a recall on Zoom. This was all quite different to what I’m used to, but it was really great to do something new. Magic Light Pictures then did some sound checks remotely.

"When I got the call from my agent Stacey I was thrilled but remember thinking what a strange experience it was and how I had been able to wow them without ever meeting them in person. I was really happy.”

Isha worked in a “home-made studio.” “We had fun trying to soundproof the room I worked from. Thankfully my mum had a couple of clothes horses and a blanket going spare which we used. We even created our own bedroom duvet dens to do the recording.

“The team I was working with were awesome and so helpful. We were sent a professional sound recording kit so it was just like being in a studio, but at home. We had lots of laughs whilst recording too. As the weeks went on I got more and more familiar and confident and now when I record I just ‘switch on’ Frankie.”

She added: “I have never done a voice over before. It was a whole new side of drama for me and a very proud moment because I was able to become a character just by using my voice and personality.”

Frankie is an observant cat and a huge help to others. She is slightly older and more mature than her friends. She has a strong sense of fair play and she is always ready with a reassuring hand when a friend needs it.

“When I was given the brief, one thing that stood out to me about the character was that Frankie, had a strong sense of right and wrong, is kind and a huge help to others and that really is me," said Isha. "She’s the one the others turn to when they disagree about something. I soon found myself in character and found it easy to be Frankie.

“I liked the fact that Frankie is slightly older because in real life, I am the youngest of my friends.

Isha loves drama school. “I really love going and I have developed my skills and confidence so much,” she said.

Pip and Posy continues Axel Scheffler’s long association with Magic Light that has produced eight high-profile animated specials including The Gruffalo, Zog and Room on the Broom.

“My favourite thing about the show is seeing the book come alive,” said Isha. “We have lots of the Pip and Posy books at home. I love watching all the friends helping, playing and looking out for each other, just like me and my friends. I also find it quite surreal to hear my voice coming out of a cat. How cool is that?”

*Pip and Posy is on every weekday morning at 7.45am on Milkshake! on Channel 5. It will also be on demand on Sky Kids in May.