An Imam has asked people to listen to professionals instead of the rumours circulating surrounding the safety of the coronavirus vaccine.

Imam Sayed Abul Hasan Saheb has been filmed being vaccinated to dispel rumours and show the coronavirus vaccine is safe for everyone, including Muslims.

The imam wants to encourage his congregation to get vaccinated to help protect themselves, their loved ones, and our wider community in Blackburn with Darwen.

He said: "Today I have taken the vaccine and I am here to tell you that I have asked so many professionals and I was 100 per cent satisfied and after that, I have taken this vaccine."

Speaking outside the Barbra Castle Way Health Centre, he asked people to ask professionals about the vaccine instead of listening to rumours.

He added: "That is why I would like to request all of you, don't go to the rumours and don't ask those people who are unprofessional.

"Ask those who are professionals and they will guide you to the right track so that is why I address you again after taking this vaccine to ask the professionals and take this vaccine."

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This comes a week after two other Imams from Blackburn with Darwen were also filmed being vaccinated as concern has been raised as some of the lowest uptake of the vaccine is among people of Pakistani heritage.