A number of private registration plates are to be sold at an auction for the first time.

Potential buyers can purchase private registrations, such as N33 WWS and WED 11N (wedding) among others.

The number plates from Kahn Group of Companies are going under the hammer at via auctioneers William George Auctions.

For a starting price of £8000, football fans can try and bid on ‘S50 CER’.

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Other plates include WED 11N (wedding) for a starting price of £9000 and RK11 ANS, (R KHANS) for £5998.

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Any individual who has aspirations to go into the world of MI6 can grab 007 ‘esque J007 NAZ for £2000 and the most expensive registration on the list, 11 LE, which is available for a starting price of £25,000.

Other plates include a string of ‘KHAN’ related plates for a starting price of £3,594, which include NK11 ANS and FK11 ANS. T44 LKS is priced at £1,798, EAR 77H at £4,800 and AF02 ALS which is listed at £6,000.

A total of 28 number plates featured in the auction. The online sale has already started with the agency’s virtual hammer falling on 12 March 2021 at 1pm.

People can bid here