A fundraiser has run more than 2000 miles in aid of charity after being told he could suffer a stroke or heart attack.

Afruz Miah, 47, was born in Bangladesh and came to the UK aged five. He attended Grange school in Oldham and has been involved in education for 20 years. He is the eldest of seven siblings and has four children.

He was a maths tutor for a number of years but has decided to become a full time humanitarian campaigner and has been involved in many national and international fundraising campaigns.

In November 2019 his GP warned him that he had developed hypertension which is dangerously high blood pressure and needed to change his life style and diet. He was warned to expect a heart attack at any moment as he was so unfit.

“The doctor gave me three months to make changes and improvements, I didn’t want to go on medication for life so I decided to get fit through running. I eventually lost weight. I was 16 stones and now I am 11 stones.

“I run on average 12 km a day for charity and plan to run 15 km a day during the upcoming month of Ramadan. Over the past year, it has been a rollercoaster for me with one campaign after another.”

He will also be running the London Marathon in aid of Maggie’s Cancer centre in Oldham.

He added: “I have received a letter from the Manchester Lord Lieutenant on behalf of the queen who said that they are aware of my campaigning and charity work.

“I initially ran for health reasons but now I run to inspire and motivate others to do the same. Over 50 people join me every week in running sessions.”

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He has raised more than £100,000 for Global Relief Trust (GRT) but believes he could have raised more had it not been for the lockdown. 

He said: “We were unable able to raise as much because we couldn’t carry out normal fundraising campaigns. We could have easily raised £200,000.”

Afruz plans a gruelling run from Oldham to London over 21 days in the month of Ramadan. He has started training as it will be extra strenuous because he will be fasting throughout the journey.

The father of four stated: “It will be difficult being away from my family and not being able to break my fast with them. I am more worried about that than running 313 km. My wife has been a rock by my side, all my friends and family have been amazing too.”

He continued: “My charity work has opened my eyes to people’s suffering at home and abroad. I work with Global Relief Trust who are a fast growing charity. We have been working together for the past ten months.”

Atiqur Rahman, head of development at GRT said: “We came across Afruz last year when he was running 10km a day to raise funds for local projects. Afruz has raised over £100,000. The response from the community in Oldham, Rochdale and surrounding areas has been brilliant with dozens of volunteers from all walks of life getting together.”

GRT went from receiving £167,000 in donations to £2.5 million this year having also received numerous awards in recognition of its work. They offer aid to people in eight countries and have also been instrumental in helping local charities such as Oldham Foodbank and Lagan’s Foundation.

For more information about their work visit: www.grtuk.org