Faryal Makhdoom Khan has posted a picture of herself wearing a headscarf and abaya to the delight of her fans.

The wife of boxer Amir Khan posted the image on her Instagram feed with the caption ‘Thank you God for blessing me much more than I deserve.’

Faryal is no stranger to celebrating her religious and cultural background and has always been keen to post images of herself in traditional Asian wear in the past.


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Fans reaction was mixed but many wanted to support Faryal and asked others 'not to judge her' for choosing to wear the hijab in a single post.

Aishah posed, “Masha Allah! Don’t ever let anyone judge you.”

sohakareem1 said: “You re looking so pretty MashAllah this abaya and hijab suits you a lot.”

nimrahunnisa posted: “People will never be happy. Now, she is fully covered and still people managed to find something to complain about. Imam Ali said the biggest flaw is being interested in other people's flaws. Honestly, this toxic obsession with women in my so called "peaceful" community needs to end. This lady has been getting trolled for eight years. 

“Nobody deserves this mental torture. Those who troll her are the same people crying why the world has Islamophobia, why the world hates us and questions the religion of peace. Are trolls peaceful Muslims?”

georgiamaefl said: “This style is the best I’ve seen on you.”

nooria_khan_posted: “Looks like Arabian princess... Ertugrul.”

zamanfarah3 said: “Mashallah you look really beautiful and may allah bless you with lots of happiness.”

hania.kk.1 added: “Whether she posts an abaya picture or the opposite, people always have s**t to say. Funny how it’s all the Muslims and Pakistanis who come bouncing here just to talk rubbish. I would love to see if they had the guts to chat shit publically lol! Too bad their parents never taught them any basic manners. Sad lives.”

yer56789 said: “Preparing for Ramadhan , mashallah, and welcoming the month of Rajab! Mashallah!”

This is not the first time Faryal has posted a picture of herself in a headscarf and abaya.


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