Am Oldham company is donating its breakfast earnings to provide blankets for the homeless and aid for children in the Yemen and Syria.

Named Nastawala, from the Urdu for “breakfast snack”, the company will be delivering breakfasts to families across Oldham with the help of volunteers from the Global Relief Trust (GRT) charity.

Families of four can get breakfasts at the knock-down price of £20, to encourage those facing financial hardship to eat together and reconnect.

Business owner Aleya Begum,40, who learned her culinary skills from three generations of her family, said: “The savoury breakfasts will include omelettes and dahls, while the sweet versions will prove popular with children as they contain dishes such as Puri (deep fried bread).

“I think that when children sit with their parents to eat new things, they might ask ‘where does this come from?’ which gives us the opportunity to talk about our culture and heritage.”

GRT, offer on-the-ground aid to people in eight countries and have been instrumental in helping local charities such as Oldham Foodbank, Lagan’s Foundation and Maggie’s Oldham.

The charity's Oldham operation is spearheaded by serial runner and inspirational fundraiser, Afruz Miah, who has pounded the streets to raise over £100,000 for good causes.

Mr Miah said: “One of our new areas of work has been to aid small and emerging businesses who have suffered so much during the pandemic, obviously in this case we are also boosting charities caring for the most vulnerable both here and in other countries.

“Nastawala is being organised by Aleya and her daughter Sumaya, who will bring her youthful expertise to online marketing, and has family completely at this heart.

“These breakfasts have all the ingredients to promote kindness, consideration and community cohesion – so why not give them a try?”

To order a breakfast, phone 07748 716063.