Nearly £30,000 in fines were handed out to people who gathered at an illegal pop-up shisha bar.

Officers out responding to lockdown breaches found 36 people crammed above the shop on Stratford Road in Birmingham on Saturday.

The floor had been converted into an open plan shisha lounge, with beer and soft drinks on offer, card games being played and football on the TV.

Police said it was a blatant breach of the social distancing laws designed to stop the spread of coronavirus. They were each handed one of the new £800 fines which were introduced recently for to people who go to gatherings of more than 15 people.

In all West Midlands Police went to 74 reported breaches of CoVID rules and issued 23 £200 fines, as well as the 36 £800 fines.

On Friday night, police said they found a group of around people playing pool in a salon on Lodge Road, Winson Green.

Nine people were issued with £200 fines.

ACC Mark Payne said: "Sadly some people are still not getting the message that we are in a pandemic which has killed thousands of people, and continues to kill hundreds daily.

"Our officers are working long hours in really difficult circumstances to keep people safe, and blatant breaches such as these are really disheartening to see. Officers are having to go home to their families after breaking up large gatherings such as this, not knowing if they have contracted coronavirus while trying to protect others.

"We know that most people are sticking to the rules and we're genuinely grateful for that.

"They are helping keeping themselves, their families, and the West Midlands as safe as possible."