Pakistan has banned the trailer of a new movie which the country’s Telecommunication Authority called ‘sacrilegious’.

The film is about an Iraqi child whose grandmother narrates the 'historical' story of Lady Fatima (AS) the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

In a statement Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) said it had “approached social media platforms for removal of trailers regarding sacrilegious movie titled “Lady of Heaven".

It adds, “Keeping in view different reports regarding release of the movie titled “Lady of Heaven” and its sacrilegious content, PTA has directed social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc. for immediate blocking of all content related to the said movie from their platforms. So far 336 URLs containing promo of the said movie have been reported to different platforms.”

The film is directed by Eli King, written by Sheikh Al-Habib and stars: Ray Fearon, Albane Courtois, and Sami Karim. Reports say in accordance with Islamic traditions 'no holy person' is depicted in the movie.

A synopsis to the movie reads, “A child from war-torn Iraq finds himself moving into a new home after his mother passes away. There, he meets a loving old woman who tells him the story of Lady Fatima, the daughter of the prophet Muhammad and the first victim of terrorism. Through the stories, the child learns how the virtue of patience is powerful and important to everyone, as well as how Fatima’s experience has spilled into the 21st century.”