A single passenger can be seen seated on a flight from Manchester to Islamabad.

A video shared by Vlogger and Correspondent Zahid Noor on Tick Tock and then reported on ARY News shows the man seated on an empty plane.

The report states that a full flight would have had more than 371 passengers on board but following restrictions only one person had decided to travel on this particular day.

The camera then pans to show an elderly gentleman sitting alone on the flight. The man who is seated is said to be Gujrat.

On any other day the flight would have been completely full with ticket prices upwards of £600 for most passengers. 

Pakistan had extended the ban on flights from the UK over fears of a new variant of the coronavirus was spreading at a much faster rate.

The restrictions are set to remain in place till January 4, 2021 and were then due to be reviewed.

However, Pakistani passport holders who have travelled to the UK on visitor/temporary visas are allowed to return to the country but will have to show a negative coronavirus test conducted within 72 hours of travelling.

A PIA spokesperson told ARY News that the Pakistani government granted permission for the chartered flight on humanitarian grounds after a passenger hailing from Gujrat requested the authorities.