Delivery drivers and postal workers have been warned after a recent spike in robberies.

West Midlands Police advised drivers not to leave their car running or keys in the ignition.

Police said, "We appreciate it’s a really busy time, but there have been a few occasions where delivery drivers have left their car running while dropping a parcel off − unfortunately the car has been taken by opportunist thieves.

"We understand the temptation to report this as a robbery - often for insurance purposes - however this diverts the focus of our investigation. It is also a criminal offence to provide false information and sadly we’re having to deal with several matters as perverting the course of justice.

"We received a report where a driver reported the robbery of his van which he told us involved weapons and violence. Further enquires and witness reports suggest that the keys were left in the ignition and the thief simply drove off."

Police advised drivers not to leave engines running or vehicles unlocked; Never leave the keys in the vehiclel; Secure your vehicle every time, no matter how short your stop will be; Be aware of your surroundings and always put your own safety first.