A new plant based Asian ready meal range has been launched.

'Shicken' comes in soya chicken plant based vegan pieces and is said to be the 'first chicken style pieces that have the closest match in appearance, texture and taste' to real chicken.

It comes in a range of flavours such as Shicken Tikka Masala, Shicken Butter Curry, Shicken Balti, Shicken Jalfrezi and Shicken Korma.

The company said, "Our vision at Plant Alternative with our Shicken brand is very simple; we want to offer plant based vegan alternatives for everyday favourite meat-based foods. 

"We are very proud of the vegan products that our chefs have developed, combining our unique Shicken vegan chicken pieces and our hand-made authentic traditional Indian curry recipes

"We developed our unique Shicken pieces, to allow more and more people to enjoy a plant-based diet without sacrificing taste, texture and most importantly the enjoyment of eating the food they love.​"

Asian Image:

The company added, "We take our responsibility very seriously on the impact our products have on our environment and our planet. 

"It's for this reason that our goal from the very beginning was to be a plastic free in our packaging, using a combination of sugarcane pulp trays and lids which are home compostable and card sleeves that are recyclable."