Over £22,000 has been raised by organisers hoping to expand a Bucks mosque - with plans to build an education centre, gym and community hall.

Chesham Central Mosque has launched the appeal to try and raise more than £1.5 million in order to build new and expand the current facilities for the Muslim community in the town and surrounding areas.


On the fundraising page, the organisers say the money will be used to fund a number of new projects - including an education centre, a woman's centre, a library, a community hall, a gym, parking and outreach and mental health support facilities.

The mosque also wishes to expand the existing worship facilities and has agreed to acquire the site next door to them in Bellingdon Road to help them grow. 

The site includes two industrial buildings and a car park with around 11,000 square foot of extra space. 

Chesham Central Jamia Masjid was first opened by a small group of Muslims in a small lock-up garage in the 1960s - but as the town's Muslim population grew, so did their need for a bigger and more permanent space. 

After major talks, the current mosque was planned, land was bought and work began in February 2004 - opening its doors to the community in August 2005. 

The Muslim community helped raise more than £1.6 million for the current mosque - but again help is needed. 

Fundraising organisers said: "A fundraising appeal has been launched and £1,525,000 is needed. We urge you to help us complete this task quickly.

"Please donate generously in order to invest into the future of not only our children and community, but our hereafter."

To donate, go to gf.me/u/y7pfvs