These are the shocking injuries sustained by a pensioner who was beaten up in broad daylight on a Blackburn street.

The family have now spoken out against after the incident which saw the 78-year-old man being kicked while he lay on the ground.

At one point another man joins in and hits the terrified pensioner while he was still being attacked by the other young man.

The incident happened in Crompton Place on Tuesday November 10.

The pensioner had walked over to the property which the family own. His younger son had called at the house to speak to the tenants.

The attacked man’s family, who do not want the victim identifying, said: “This has shocked us and upset everyone.

“The people who did this are cowards nothing else. It makes us so angry watching him lie on the ground as a younger man kicks him. What kind of people would do this to another human being?

“And then when he is on the ground he is hit by another man. There are no words to describe how sickened we are by this.

“This could have easily ended up with him getting a fatal injury.”

In the video of the attack which has not been released but seen by the Lancashire Telegraph the 78-year-old falls to the ground.

Several women try in vain to break up the brawl but to no avail. Eventually another man pushes away the assailant and the pensioner bravely gets to his feet.

The family member added: “My dad only went to see what was being said to my brother and what follows is a despicable act of violence against him and my brother.”

A police spokesperson said, “We were called to reports of an assault in Crompton Place, Blackburn, at 11.30am on November 10.

“It appears a number of people were fighting on the street. Enquiries are ongoing and patrols have been increased in the area. Anybody with information can call 101, quoting log 0532.”