NICOLA Sturgeon has urged those celebrating Diwali to do so in a "different way" on the eve of the religious festival. 

One of the major dates on the calendar for Glasgow's Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Jain community, the five-day event begins on Saturday and would usually see families coming together. 

However, due to the current restrictions in the city - with household meetings continuing to be banned - observers will have to enjoy the festival of lights very differently this year. 

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Speaking during her daily briefing, Ms Stugeon said: "I am very aware that the next five days are a time of great significance for Scotland's Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, and Jain communities. This will be a very different Diwali from those that you are used to.

"Communities won't be able to come together as they normally would and see friends and family as they usually would.

Asian Image: Nicola Sturgeon Nicola Sturgeon

"You'll need to celebrate in a different way, perhaps by using technology, or within guidelines in your place of worship.

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"I know how difficult that will be and given we talk a lot about Christmas but less about these other celebrations that are very important, it's important to recognise the difficulty many are facing at this time.

"I hope you have a very special time even in these tough circumstances. Thank you for celebrating in a way that keeps you safe."