A new app which uses AI technology to detect signs of the dementia, is calling on members of the Asian community to join its largest-ever data gathering initiative.

Around 25,000 people from Asian and other minority communities are living with dementia in the UK. By 2051, it is expected that the number of white patients with dementia will double, but in BAME communities the number is expected to increase seven-fold.  

Mindset4dementia aims to identify the early signs and symptoms of dementia through sophisticated tests to evaluate memory, dexterity and other indicators of the disorder.

Founded by Hamzah Selim and Itai Palmon, Mindset4Dementia believes its app can be transformative for people with dementia from BAME communities.

Research shows racial discrepancies exist deep within UK healthcare, often resulting in worse outcomes for BAME dementia patients. Evidenced by several studies, dementia symptoms in BAME patients have a greater likelihood of going unrecognised or disregarded which negatively affect the management of the disease.

Mindset4Dementia also enables patients to receive dementia diagnosis from home through a mobile device, removing geographical barriers to care that many minority groups face.  

Members of the community are being asked to download the app and help train its AI technology to ensure it can effectively spot signs of dementia in Asian patients.

Dr Lasith Ranasinghe, Lead Editor at Mindset4Dementia said: “Dementia does not discriminate. It is a devastating disease that affects all regardless of background. Sadly, Asian patients are receiving poorer dementia care at a time when the number of people of dementia from our communities continues to grow.” 

“With Mindset4Dementia, we are excited to change outcomes for Asian patients and I urge everyone to join us in our mission through downloading and using the app.”

An early Mindset user added: “When using Mindset4Dementia, I didn’t feel judged, intimidated, or stupid – I felt motivated. I normally feel ignored when I say what’s wrong. But with Mindset4Dementia, from start to finish, my concerns were the focus”.

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