A DESIGNER and businessman is creating a range of novel Islamic-inspired products for households.

Mubarak Nomani, managing director and founder of iToddle, says there is more demand for such designs.

His first product is the prayer mat storage box. All Muslim households will have not one but several prayer mats in their homes and these are always kept in a secure and safe place.

Mubarak, of Preston, who has many friends, said: “The aim of iToddle is to create unique faith products.

“I created these products as I always have an issue at home with organising prayer mats and related items so I thought I would create something which will remind me of prayer. 

“The first one I have launched is the My Kaaba prayer mat storage box which is a fully flat-packed product.

“The aim of this item is to remind people of Salaah (prayer) and you can store all your mats, burkas, hats and everything prayer-related inside.

“The product can also be used for educational purposes to teach family members, for example children, about the importance of Hajj and Umrah. I have a few other designs which are in the pipeline too.

“Our products are being manufactured in China. However, we are looking to move our manufacturing to Turkey soon.”

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He is launching a storage box inspired by Jerusalem’s Masjid al Aqsa which will be available to order soon.

He said: “I have been visiting Masjid Al Aqsa for many years now.

“The aim of the dome of the rock box is to remind people of the mosque and its history.” I try to create products which I feel fulfil a purpose and work as a reminder. My aim is always to bring people closer to God.”

He said the products would be popular with people who want to have something a little different in their homes, “I think these products will be popular amongst Muslims. Storage is a big issue within our households and majority of the people I know like to live in an environment where things are tidy and organised. Prayer plays a big role in a Muslim household and this product is a combination of both organisation and Salah.

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