Northern Opera Group is looking for artists to recreate an episode of Savitri and Satyavan from the epic poem, the Mahābhārata.

Northern Opera Group will work alongside South Asian Arts-uk [SAA-uk] and prioritise composers from a South Asian background. The commissions will be recorded for online broadcast, and performed live at the 2021 Leeds Opera Festival.

David Ward, at Artistic Director Northern Opera Group said: “Now is not a time to fall back on what we know, but push to make opera exciting and relevant to new audiences in new ways. This new commission marks the launch of a long-term programme to broaden who is encouraged to write for opera, and explore how these artists respond to, embrace, and reject, opera’s past. 

"Creating experiences for our audiences that offer authentic responses is crucial, so we’re delighted to be collaborating with South Asian Arts-uk to identify composers and lyricists to work with us on this commission.”

The project has been funded by The Arts Council, and has been launched alongside another new commission:  to create a new piece of music theatre in response to ‘The Leeds Opera Story’, Northern Opera Group’s heritage project exploring the 300 year history of opera in Leeds. 

The company is looking for artists to respond to this heritage, drawing a connection between the art form’s, and the city’s, past, present and future.

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