Tributes have been paid to an ‘inspirational’ teenager who has lost her battle with Cancer.

Haseena Iqbal a former St Silas Primary School and Tauheedul Islam Girls’ High School pupil died aged 17 on Saturday October 10.

Her father Asad paid tribute to his daugher and said: “She was a fighter but unfortunately the cancer got worse. We were very touched by her attitude right to the end and she was always seeing the best in other people no matter what the situation.”

Haseena had been complaining of lower back pains and feeling unwell since November last year but had overlooked it.

As the pains became more severe, Haseena began noticing a lump growing on the side of her rib, which she did get checked but was told that it was unlikely to be cancerous.

In February Haseena attended a family wedding in Pakistan and the excruciating pains were affecting her sleeping, eating and daily habits. Trying to live each moment of her vacation with her family to the fullest, Haseena noticed the increase in the size of the lump and severity in pain, until she collapsed and felt paralysed from the waist down.

She was rushed to a hospital at Rawalpindi, Pakistan for an MRI scan two days before returning to the UK on March 13. Father, Asad Iqbal, said “The medical team told us that we should return to the UK and further tests would need to be conducted to reach an effective diagnosis."

She returned to the UK a week before lockdown and was immediately sent to be tested further at Preston Royal Hospital, where she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer - ‘sarcoma’. Two treatments took place at Preston Royal Hospital saw the removal of the painful tumour lying in her ribs and spine. She was then sent for the remaining treatment to Wirral Cancer Hospital.

At Wirral, Haseena began Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy treatment on her spine but then doctors later noticed dots on the lungs, indicating the cancer had metastasized.

Her family said Haseena continued to fight inspiring others by talking about her journey via social media.

Her best friend Rafiah said, "She instilled hope and faith in young minds following through with her journey and continued to spread smile and laughter even at her worst."

Haseena was buried at Pleasington Cemetery this week. Asad said, “People have been contacting us all week and sending us messages and their sincerest condolences to our angel.

“There were only 20 people permitted at the funeral due to restrictions. It is difficult at a time like this but I would urge everyone to follow the government guidelines. We would like to thank all those who have sent their messages of support at this tragic period.”

Haseena's aunt Nabila said, "‘She was a true soldier from start to end and I want her to be remembered as the girl who never stopped fighting and never gave up hope.

"Watching her go was the hardest thing I’ve ever done but she wanted us to be strong for her. She wanted everyone to know she’s soon going to be in peace and smiling pain free’

"Haseena was a beautiful person, inside and out and had a a smile that could light up any room she inspired everyone she met and she taught us all to love and appreciate even the little things in life - RIP OUR ANGEL."

A special fundraising page has been set-up in memory of Haseena by friends, who know referred to her as ‘soldier’ due to her bravery and positivity. They are hoping to raise money to fund water wells. The page reads, “Help me build this well for the people of Malawi who are in need of access to drinking water as these communities do not have these facilities. Around 50 families will benefit mostly farmers.”

As of this week £6800 had already been raised.

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