A Greater Manchester cloud hosting firm has reported 30 per cent growth in revenues as the pandemic pushes more customers to the cloud.

Green Cloud Hosting, which is headquartered in Whitefield, Bury, said the uplift in demand was triggered by companies that needed to quickly adapt to remote working and ‘rapidly transition’ to the cloud.

The firm, launched in 2011, offers secure remote IT access to businesses across the UK.

Managing director and founder of Green Cloud Hosting, Kamran Maqbool said: “When lockdown was announced, overnight people were told to work from home.

"For many companies this meant a rethink about their IT needs and how they could ensure staff could work both remotely and effectively because not everybody had a seamless integration of their IT needs.

"Cloud infrastructure has enabled businesses that rapid transition to the cloud and an acceleration of the digital transformation of their work.

“As a result, they have become flexible and scalable at a time of uncertainty."

New clients have included Kew Lighting, London Accountants and Partners, FCA UK, OJ fresh, Frontline Health, charity Stepping Stones, Car Lease and Denton Property Law.

Kamran said: “We had signed up new clients before lockdown was announced.

“But like many companies who were unsure about what to do, some of those clients pulled out.

“But as people eased back into a ‘new normal’ those customers returned as they realised they needed the right technology to operate.

“The cloud has been essential for companies and staff across the country and we were able to provide a comprehensive service at a time when they needed us the most.

“Without the prevalence of cloud computing, remote system access and video conferencing capabilities, many people could not work from home.”

Revenues at Green Cloud Hosting have reached £800,000 for the year to September 2020, that’s up 30 per cent on the previous year.

Kamran added: “Despite the ongoing uncertainty we are pleased with solid year on year results.

“We were initially worried about the impact of Covid on the business, but our annual financial performance shows the strength of the services we offer.”

Green Cloud Hosting currently helps more than 500 SMEs and public sector organisations run their businesses more flexibly, efficiently and securely via a full range of cloud computing services including business email, cloud servers, desktop access from anywhere, online back-up solutions and much more.