AN ASIAN man was racially-abused as he tried to use a cash machine at a Dunfermline bank.

The troublemaker was Paul Reid, who had staggered into the bank drunk.

Reid, 42, from Dunfermline, was then released on bail with the special condition that he was not under the influence of alcohol in public.

He breached this condition on two occasions when he was so drunk that he injured himself by falling over.

When, Reid, of New Row, appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court for sentencing, he was struggling to stand up, swaying from side to side in the dock.

Sheriff James MacDonald ordered him to be taken to the police cells for his condition to be assessed. He was finally sentenced a few hours later for a string of offences he had admitted previously.

On February 25, at the Bank of Scotland, East Port, he acted in a racially-motivated manner, acted aggressively towards a member of staff and made racially-abusive remarks.

He also admitted that at the bank and in the course of being taken to the police station, he acted aggressively, made threats of violence repeatedly and struggled with police officers.

Reid also admitted that having been granted bail on February 26 on the condition that he was not to be under the influence of alcohol in public, he breached this on March 23 in Urquhart Crescent.

He further admitted breaching the same condition in Dunfermline High Street on July 24 when he was under the influence of alcohol heavily.

Depute fiscal Azrah Yousaf told the court previously that at 3.30pm, Reid was seen entering the bank by workers there.

She went on: “He staggered in and started to shout. He then approached an Asian male who was using one of the bank machines. The accused began shouting at him.”

He continued to abuse the stranger, including shouting: “Taliban” at him.

A male bank worker approached Reid, who began to demand he be given money from his account.

Police were contacted and when officers arrived, Reid became hostile immediately and made threats including: “I’ll f****** box you”.

He was arrested and struggled with officers, making threats including saying he would kill them.

At the police station, this behaviour continued for another hour.

On March 23, at 5.45pm, police received a report from a member of the public concerned for a man lying in the street.

The officers found Reid there with a head wound having hit his head on a wall after falling.

On July 24, Reid was seen walking past a pub in the High Street. “He was heavily under the influence of alcohol, trying to fight with people and then fell over, hitting his head on the ground,” added the depute.

Police were called and Reid was taken initially to the Victoria Hospital to have his cut head treated before being taken back to the police station and charged.

Sheriff MacDonald imposed a five-month restriction of liberty order.