The Royal Mint has unveiled its first henna-inspired collection to mark the festival of Diwali.

The collection of gold bars come adorned with The Royal Mint’s Britannia and are designed by Philip Nathan. It marks the first time The Royal Mint’s highly sought after Britannia design will feature on a 1g and 5g gold bullion bar.

The five-day festival of Dwwali begins with Dhanteras and gold plays a key part of this story says the Royal Mail. According to mythology King Hima’s son was saved from death by snake bite thanks to a distracting pile of gold outside the family’s door. Since then it has been seen as a symbol of good luck to gift gold on Dhanteras. 

Karina Hicks, Head of Marketing for Precious Metals at The Royal Mint said: “We’re delighted to be releasing our first ever henna-inspired collection in time for Diwali. Gifting gold is a central part of the festival and we’re proud to bring our years of experience and minting excellence , to this time honoured tradition. 

“As well as it’s symbolic value as a gift, gold bullion has been chosen as an investment by individuals, governments and organisations for thousands of years. In more recent years’ gold bullion has been seen as a safe hedge against a volatile market, making gold bullion bars the perfect gift for those wanting to invest in their future.”

The henna-inspired bars can be viewed here