HUNDREDS of people flocked to a Bradford chippy to cash in on a generous offer today.

The Mother Hubbard’s flagship store on Legrams Lane was giving helpings of fish and chips out for 45p throughout Friday, September 11.

Multiple pictures sent to the T&A showed a throng of people queuing up to take advantage of the special offer.

A number of people got in touch to express their concern at the crowds and questioned whether social distancing was possible in such a busy setting.

Nicola Khan sent a video to the T&A and said: “Absolutely shocking, people queuing like sardines, no social distancing, no masks.

“And all for 45p fish and chips.”

But, the video does show that there are metal barriers in place to facilitate sensible queuing outside the store.

It also looks as if there are spaces between some separate groups.

Another photo though, taken at 12.30pm on Friday by a member of the public who wished to remain anonymous, told a different tale.

People looked to be huddled together in one big group.

One disgruntled member of the public, who did not want to be named, said scenes like this are “definitely a contributing factor” in rising infection rates.

Another person said: “I may be wrong, but in times of a pandemic and times we are being told we cannot have friends in our gardens why are the authorities not addressing this?”

The T&A has approached Mother Hubbard’s for comment multiple times, but the fish and chip shop is yet to respond.