A football club has apologised and says it is ‘embarrassed’ after its official Twitter feed ‘accidentally liked’ an anti-Muslim post.

The Twitter feed for Bacup Borough FC, who play in the North West Counties League, was criticised for liking a post which claimed Muslims were being giving special treatment due to the forthcoming rules on containing the spread of Covid-19.

A Bacup Borough spokesman said: “It was identified that an individual who has access to the official account accidently pressed the like key when scrolling through the Twitter feeds. When the person in question realised what had happened they swiftly rectified the mistake.

"Unfortunately, by this time several people on the social media platform had noticed causing embarrassment to the club.

“Bacup Borough Football Club apologises for any harm this may have caused.”

Twitter user Muhammad Abdullah said: “Why is a football club, which is meant to be neutral, liking posts like these? @BacupBoro @nwcfl. Absolutely disgusting.”

The offending post said: ‘Groups of SIX but not in mosques. Are we living in a democracy or is this government on their knees to the Muslim community?’.

Churches, synagogues, mosques and temples are except from the six-person gathering rule as are weddings, funerals and team sports carried out in a Covid-secure way.

The North West Counties League (NWCL) said they were aware of the tweet but at this stage it is not for them to investigate the matter with the club.

It is an issue that is being investigated ‘higher up the football structure’. But they said they did remind clubs of their responsibilities about what they put out in all media platforms.

A statement read: “We also ask clubs to agree to Club and League Code of Conducts. Whilst most of our clubs are operated and staffed by volunteers, there is a responsibility that whoever is publicising content on behalf of a club, that these conditions should be relayed to the respective volunteers by the club officials. There is also, of course a moral responsibility. “We will ultimately take our lead following actions from the Lancashire FA.”