UCTV will be featuring an exclusive interview with ninieties star 'Megaman' of the So Solid Crew.

UCTV is a not for profit platform for the local and wider community in Lancashire and they are asking people to get in touch if they wish to raise issues that may be affecting diverse communities across the globe.

It was founded by Naseem Khan, better known to many as Nas T.

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Naseem said, “UCTV was setup in October 2019 and we have crossed 10,700 followers on Facebook.

“The platform is the community to showcase their talents and also discuss issues and hobbies.

“We have been there through the lockdown helping to alert people to many subjects they are not normally aware.

“We have also been featuring a whole host of people from across the world.”

As well as Naseem himself who hosts ‘Limelight’ a show featuring artists, professionals and actors programmes are headed by Anjum Anwar, Mohammad Quraishi and Ansar Malik.

It also features a programme named "Knowledge on deen" led by Hasan Mian Shah Saab.

To find out more you can e-mail myshow@uctv.co.uk or see www.facebook.com/uctv.blog