So now we’re months in, how is everyone coping with the lockdown? From my end, the second lockdown in the North of England came as a big shock, particularly as we’ve just started to enjoy some small freedoms.

Eid was disrupted, and my poor baby Ishaaq has only know lockdown Eids! Still, we made the best of things with a party for four at home, and a (socially distant) distant walk in the countryside, where we realised that everyone had the same idea.

One good thing to come out of this whole pandemic is that I’ve got a much greater appreciation for the outdoors.

I’ve discovered fields, parks and beauty spots that were right on my doorstep but I’ve never visited before.

Elsewhere in my little world, I’m busy writing book two, the sequel to my debut novel The Secret Diary of an Arranged Marriage. I’m at the final sprint of the last draft and can’t wait to share it with you once it’s been through a bazillion edits and proofreads! 

Aside from that we’re adjusting to life with two under 2 and a half. It isn’t easy entertaining a toddler whilst caring for a newborn. If you’re in a similar boat, the blog post I wrote which features expert advice on some parenting hacks is featured on and you can read it here

I also share my view on the whole stereotyping of Asian authors and characters in literature, as well as divulging my own first hand experience of this. It’s a bit contentious, but an important read and you can see for yourself here.  On that note, if you want a free read, check out my short story, No One Ever Asks Mum, it’ll make you laugh a little, and maybe shed a tear too.   

What I’m loving this month: 

Wonderful women in Islam History storybooks 

Hannah has an expansive library of books at home but realised you had nothing that represented the Asian or muslim community (she’s too young to read my book!).  So I was delighted to come across a collection of books from Sparkle and Shine, entitled Wonderful Women in Islamic History. These simple, chunky books are great to give little girls (and boys) to teach them about Islam.

Nuby my real potty 

So we’ve started potty training - and it’s not been that bad! We’ve actually braved it and gone down the no pull-ups route, which thankfully hasn’t been anywhere near as messy as we thought. A great help has been Nuby’s My Real Potty, which looks like a mini toilet and plays music when Hannah presses the imaginary flush. It’s a great motivator to help kids ditch the nappies. 

My 1st Years Personalised Rainbow denim jacket. 

With a nod to the rainbows that are in every window right now, we are obsessed with the denim jacket that’s made from organic cotton, so it’s as kind to Hannah’s akin as it is cute.

Next month, I’ll be sure to have some non-kid based recommendations. Note to self: yes I’m a mum of two, but I’m still a person! 

That’s all for now,