To contain the spread of COVID-19 employees can expect to see several changes as they start returning to their offices.

Some of the common adjustments include the creation of separate entrances and exits, the spacing out of desks and closure of canteens and meeting rooms to deter gatherings.

One change that surprised staff, at a Lloyds Banking Group contact centre, was a staff notice advising them to ‘adopt the Hover (sic) position’ when using the toilet to prevent cross-contamination.

Asian Image was sent a picture of the notice by an anonymous source, based at the bank’s Glasgow city centre site.

It read that toilet seats are being ‘removed as a COVID 19 safety precaution’, with the directive coming into force on Monday July 27. According to the source, the notice was the “talk of the call centre”.

They added: “Some people laughed it off, while others were upset and angry. There was even talk of getting the [trade] unions involved.”

A spokesperson for Lloyds said that the ‘poster’ was meant as a joke and was taken down “shortly afterwards” when it was pointed out that “some people might take it seriously”.