If this was a sitcom to be aired every Sunday starring the late great Richard Briers, I think there are a fair few government ministers who could well take a starring role.

The latest government advice affecting parts of the North of England is a little confusing to say the least. Let me clear some things up.

Last night we were told that we could not visit other households but the official advice states, “People in these areas will not be permitted to mix with other households (apart from those in their support bubbles) in private homes or gardens.” So, we can go to those who are in our support bubbles?

And we can’t meet for a drink or go to a restaurant with people we do not know? Or we do know? Do we go together or can we just meet them there?

And what happens on Monday when those 50 per cent offers are placed in front of us? Do we go out and support the businesses or not?

Just not with people we don’t know? What if they are there? Now, I am all for following guidelines but even I must admit I haven’t been able to do everything to the letter of the law. Nobody has.

We try our best but on occasions I am forced to brush past people in supermarkets. I have stood 1.75 metres behind someone at shops and I, like many a British Prime Minister and despot ruler, have accidentally ended up shaking a hand when I shouldn’t have.

But telling us that we are not socially distancing was just complete nonsense. The point is we are trying our best. We all are. Yes, I know some of us need to try a little harder, but I think four months down the line we just want things to be done with a little more efficiency and a lot more clarity.

We all want to help bring the number of cases down but how about we don't leave any loopholes. Just say it like it is and stop making things so vague. Wear a mask, stay two metres apart and don't visit anyone indoors - a simple clear message.

It is the timing of the whole thing which is a little strange. I mean, what difference would it have made to make this announcement on say on Wednesday, or Monday this week or even tonight? Have conditions changed so much in that short space of time that the announcement had to be made last night and ONLY last night.

I am not into conspiracy theories but I kind of think the one glorious summer day of the year in the north may have had something to do with it. Yes, that has to be it.